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Belly Rings - Short And Long-Term Care

By: Julie S. Montgomery

Belly rings require special care to heal properly. They also need continuous care for the life of the piercing.

Belly rings are probably the most common of body piercings. In fact, only the ear is pierced more often. However, this common piercing is not to be taken lightly. As well as being one of the most common piercing, they are also some of the most likely to be infected and have serious consequences. Thankfully, when treated properly, the chances of infection are extremely slim.

The navel area of the human body tends to be very dark, warm, and moist. These three factors add up to create a breeding ground for bacteria and infection. This is why so many belly rings end with serious infection. However, with more and more people being pierced by professionals, the number of infections has drastically decreased due to proper education.

When you get your belly pierced, it is similar to getting your ear pierced and yet it is extremely different. When you get your ear pierced, you cleanse it twice a day and then can pretty much forget about it. When you get your navel pierced, you have to clean it several times a day.

Belly rings require special cleaning as well. You cannot just run your washcloth over it and think it is clean. In order to assure yourself that your piercing is healing correctly you need to clean it carefully. The front and the back of the piercing needs to be cleaned with a special cleanser in order to help prevent infection, and every time it is cleaned, it also needs to be turned.

Turning your piercing ensures that the skin does not heal around the ring. Just like with an ear piercing, a navel piercing needs to be twisted on a regular basis to ensure that correct healing takes place. Belly rings also need to be exposed to the air as often as possible. Keeping your new piercing dry and clean ensures that you will soon have an awesome piercing to show off with the vast multitudes of rings available on today's market.

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