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Space - A Word With Great Meanings

By: Vitus Ejiogu

So many people have not been able to understand that the word SPACE can mean so much to them than the interval or distance between two or more objects.

Though the word being unique in itself can join other words to form another. Take for instance, when the word "space" is joined with "bar" it gives another word: "spacebar". Spacebar is a bar or knob in a typewriter or computer keyboard which is tapped to make spaces between words.

Standing alone as single word, so many other meanings can spring from it, like area or volume. One can clear a space on a platform, or on a land, in or near a town for certain purposes. The place in which all objects exists, and move is also known as space, hence the universe exists in space.

Whichever way you may look at space, it still does not change its good and great meaning. To so many people, SPACE may seem like an empty word, but to me, the word SPACE is full of:

S - pecial
P - eople
A - round
C - aring
E - ndlessly... for me.

So many people have been around me making sure that I did not crash out of my God-given vision in life. One thing in life is to have great vision; another thing is to follow it through to delivery. To deliver on your vision in life, you need the services of other people. There are those that come purposely to cause you trouble and harm; there are the thieves and the armed robbers; there are those who criticize on all angles no matter how hard you try; there are those who are passive on-lookers whose business is to celebrate and clap for you when you succeed but laugh and condemn when you fail; there are also those who pray for your success, guiding, instructing and consoling you when the need arises; in fact, so many people are behind every success or failure that you have ever recorded in life.

True, God writes His signature on each of His unique children but He does not physically carry a cane to whip everyone that may choose to obstruct their activities in life. God wants us to make use of our senses. As infinitively creative as God can be, He handcrafted the variety in our personalities, senses of humour, abilities, and preferences in music and sports. In the body of Christ, we see how a diversity of spiritual gifts still have a common bond and can work together for God's purposes to bring Him glory (1 Corinthians 12:4-6). Also, in creating everyone of us unique, God gave us the power of choice, thereby making us responsible for whatever our choices in life may bring about.

When we refuse to perform our duties in life because there are obstructions, we make ourselves look inferior both in this world and in God's presence. Every one of us is made to pass through some kinds of hardships and troubles, and what makes us to stand tall before others is our ability to achieve extraordinary feats while still doing ordinary things. When we begin to see everyone we come across as possessing the needed ability or power for us to make it in life, the better life will become for us. The saying, "No man is an island" does not tell us that everyone around us must be contributing positively to our life's projects. There are positive as well as negative contributors. That is how God made it, and we cannot change it by our own accord. Our only business here is to celebrate the differences that make each of God's children unique; this is because He has His signature on all His creation. The more we learn to accommodate the people around us and forge ahead, the more we give glory to God.

The moment I understand God's idea behind the word "SPACE", I knelt down and thanked Him. This is because I have come to discover the major reason why life looked so difficult for me years back. I failed to appreciate God in the midst of opposition. I came to the realization that God wants me to use the lessons that I learned and the comfort He has given me during difficult times to help others in special ways (2 Corinthians 1:3-4). When you know this you will be quick to declare it with me that SPACE is truly full of Special People Around Caring Endlessly for us!

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