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Communication Through Video Conferencing

By: Kausar Khan

Video conferencing is an advanced form of meetings and communication in which the participants from different parts of the world are connected through computers. This method is aided with audio and video devices to have a perfect communication as in live meetings. It is possible to use video conferencing as an immediate and comprehensive source of communication among the participants of a meeting or conversation who are scattered to different parts of the world.

It is beneficial to use video conferencing to conduct meetings among people who are residing at different places as it eliminates the need to travel long distances to be present at a meeting personally. With the advancements in technology now the participants of a meeting are not required to go to the specific place for the meeting as they can participate in the meetings from any part of the world with the help of video conferencing. With the help of this method any type of information can be shared among the participants and presentations can also be made.

Web conferencing is also a form of communication on the internet. There are many webinars and online workshops which are made with the help of this method. During these events the users can get the presentations from the presenters who could be a single person or a group of persons. Users have to participate in these events in the modes of one way communications but it is also possible to give feed backs to the presenters with the help of questions and answering sessions. It is possible to present the audio files and the video files to the audience during the presentation through the web conferencing. Slide show presentation is also done through web conferencing where the slides are used for presentations and explanation of different points with the help of images and pictures.

Head phones and speakers can be used for real time communications during web conferencing. It is also possible to record the proceedings of the meetings on the internet to be used as references in the future. White board presentations are also made in order to explain a point which could be complex for the audience to understand. These types of explanations are asked by the audience during lectures and presentations. It is possible to participate in the web conferencing with the help of text chats.

Text chats are good as these do not disturb all the participants and only the required recipient receives the messages and responds to them. Screen sharing is also possible for this method where the audience can share the screen of the presenter and view the details which the presenter is willing to present. This mode is easy to explain detailed contents as the audience can see the detailed work saved on the computer of the presenters and there would be no need to transfer the files to the audiences.

With the help of video conferencing now it is possible to have proper communications among different people and people can conduct businesses in many parts of the world with proper control and communication. Travelling to different parts of the world has also been increased to a large extent due to the invent of this method.

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