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Incontinence Products - Maintaining Health And Dignity

By: Homer Cho

People who are suffering from urinary incontinence may find it hard to cope with their situation. It can make them feel embarrassed or uncomfortable with themselves. Fortunately, there are incontinence products that can help them manage to live comfortably.

There are products that can offer long-term and effective benefits. While there are also those which may be less comfortable but can still do their functions quite well and allow the individual to perform his or her ADLs.

Pads are the most common incontinence products. They can provide protection. Pads have been used and supported for several decades. They are generally cheaper than any other product available out there. However, no one really is comfortable with having to wear pads. The need to change as soon as the pad is wet is almost always present.

However, modifications on latest products incorporate better absorbing pads and even odor control functions. These reduce the distress one might feel when wearing soiled diapers when there is no opportunity to change. We can now say that current pads are more absorbent than they used to. The presence of odor control features may not entirely eliminate the smell but, there surely is a reduction on the odor.

Rashes are common complaints with diapers. If you develop rashes after wearing diapers, you can try using other brands. You can keep changing brands until you find one which doesn't make you develop rashes. If you have tried every brand possible and still have rashes, you might want to consider using other urinary incontinence products.

There are also protective garments that are cut like undergarments and can also feel like them. They are equipped with absorbent pads and they may be more discreet than diapers. These can allow you to wear more fitting clothes without the obvious showing of the pads.

There are incontinence systems which make use of more sophisticated features than diapers. The most famous of these are collection systems. They include collection pouches and catheters inserted in the urethra or of condom catheters for the males.

The bags can be attached to the legs so that the person can walk without having to hold the urine bag. The bag can be emptied once it is full. These bags are generally disposable and may be used for several hours in a day. Bags should be changed once they have become too dirty or are giving off unpleasant odor.

To provide solution to the problem with incontinence, there are training devices. Examples of these are pelvic muscle training devices. These act by strengthening the muscles on the pelvic floor. Stronger muscles mean more control over urination and thus reduce or avoid incontinence.

There are also clamps which are used by male incontinent individuals. These clamp the urethra and help control urination. The person can release the clamp once there is an urge to urinate.

For females there are vaginal pessaries. These are inserted into the upper vagina. They work as they can help support the urinary bladder. These devices should be cleaned well to avoid the development of infections.

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