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Quilting With Different Fabrics - How To Utilize Flannel

By: Ben L Cohen

If you're preparing to start a quilting design and are searching for new ways to freshen up your quilts or for different thoughts to introduce a change to your regular routine, flannel may be a good choice. There are many choices when it comes to materials, and flannel should not be disregarded, whether you're designing a quilt for a special purpose, or just for the fun of it.

It is not only for lumberjacks, and it may do more than keep you warm in the cold; it may also supply you with warmth and comfort in your home as a piece of a quilt. Flannel is a versatile material that is strong against the elements, but still comforting enough to be a welcome addition to any quilt.

When you come back from a full day of skiing or any other outdoor festivities that might leave you cold and looking for a good warm place to snuggle up, it's optimal for the colder seasons, or for bringing some flavor to your cabin for yourself or your guests. Quilts are known for being a tool of warmth and comfort, and when you introduce a few pieces of flannel to the mix, it will give your quilt a little something extra that will impress your guests.

As flannel may be a little more hard to utilize than your average quilting fabric, if you plan on implementing flannel into your work, there are a couple things to keep in mind. It's a good idea to wash it at least two times in hot water and dry it completely in each turn to shrink it as much as you can, whether purchasing wholesale flannel fabric, or recycling used flannel. It may ruin your quilt if you don't and it ends up shrinking at a later time.

Another thing to stay away from is steam; if you utilize steam, you will also probably affect the dimensions of the piece of flannel and potentially ruin your project. You reduce your chances of a problem in the future by taking the additional time to pre-shrink the flannel as much as possible, and the added energy is well worth the cause.

Flannel is a great choice for quilting and should not be passed over due to the problematic nature of the fabric, although it may be a little more tiresome than other materials. Quilting is a diverse art form, and to continue to develop your skills, all quilters should attempt to implement flannel into a quilt or two; if you do it right, you'll be grateful that you did.

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