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How To Help With The Development Of Three Of Your Toddler's Primary Skills

By: Dan S Smith

The way baby's learn and develop is simple - they follow what the people around them do.

It might seem like a basic explanation, but it's the truth and if every person that a newborn baby came into contact with primarily crawled around rather than walking, baby would be almost guaranteed to do the same.

Therefore, although your baby will naturally develop all of their skills just by being around people, when they're at toddler age, the age when they're able to understand you more, there are various things that you can do to help with your baby's development and the following information details how you can help with the development of three of your toddler's primary skills.

1. Talking - although you're already likely to talk to your baby regularly, a great way to help develop their vocabulary and understanding of words is to name everything that they come into contact with.

From spoon and bowl at meal time through to bath and water at bath time, it can seem slightly monotonous, but the truth is that the more you talk to your toddler, the more chance there is of them learning a larger vocabulary and it will do nothing but aid with there actual speech.

2. Counting - the best way you can help with the development of your toddler's understanding of numbers and counting is to simply count every time you have the possibility.

Walking is a great example, as you can count the steps from the bedroom to the kitchen, for example, but there are dozens of opportunities that will arise throughout the day that you probably didn't even realise before you had children.

Six buttons on a dress when you're dressing them, one fork at lunch item, four potatoes and seven apples when you're shopping and nine bubbles when it's play time - the list is endless.

3. Dexterity - while it seems easy to us as adults, developing manual dexterity for a little one is an extremely frustrating task and what you have to keep in mind here is that it will take time, your little one is likely to get frustrated and you just have to make this entire learning process as fun as you possibly can.

Letting them feed themselves, although it can be a messy time, is a great way to help with your toddler's dexterity and as long as you try something easy at first, such as mashed potato rather than peas, you should be able to ensure that your toddler doesn't get overly frustrated - and your kitchen doesn't get too messy!

Every parent only wants to make sure that their child has the best start in life and by following these points, you can be sure that you're doing your utmost to help with their development when they're at the susceptible learning age of toddler-dom.

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