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5-Minute Chakra Meditation

By: R. Marq Riz

This is a simple five minute chakra meditation that is easy enough for those just beginning meditation but can also help those accustomed to more advanced meditation techniques. The purpose of this exercise is to balance/align the seven major chakras throughout your body. In addition to balancing your chakras a few additional benefits of this quick meditation include, but are not limited to:

• Lowering blood pressure
• Increasing focus
• Regulating your heart rate
• Calm your nervous system in a stressful situation
• Increase blood flow and oxygen levels in throughout your mind and body
• Help relieve both physical and emotional pain

For anyone new to this, a chakra is simply considered by many to be an energy center within the human body. This belief dates back to ancient India and the word chakra originates from the Sanskrit term meaning "wheel".

The concept is energy flows through these seven major chakras bringing physical, emotional and spiritual health and well being to those whose chakras are balanced properly. If one or more of these chakras are not balanced/aligned properly, your body, mind and spirit will not function as well as it should. This quick meditation can be used during your busy day to bring your energy centers (or chakras) back into alignment allowing you excel at everything you do.

With any meditation it is ideal to have a calm, quiet area to relax and get comfortable. However this is not always possible and I have used this meditation at the doctor's office, my daughter's softball games, in restaurants with people yelling... You get the idea. Let's have some fun!

First, take one minute and start to breathe. Close your eyes and simply count each breath. Breathe in deep and release your breath while counting "one". Breathe in deep, release and count "two". As you reach four start back at "one". Focus only on counting your breath and gently remove other thoughts as they enter your mind. This is a simplified version of breath counting and you only need to do this for about 45 seconds to one minute.

You should already feel your body starting to relax as you focus on your breath. Now we are going to work our way up your chakras, spending only about 30 seconds on each one. As you focus on each individual chakra, imagine a spinning colored disk (or wheel) in each respective area.

The first chakra, the Base or Root Chakra, is located near the base of your tail bone and is represented by the color red. As you breathe imagine a red disk, or "wheel", spinning at the base of your tailbone. You should be getting more relaxed and will want to spend more time on each chakra, but 30 seconds will work when that is all a busy schedule allows.

The second chakra, the Sacral Chakra, is located approximately one inch below the navel and is represented by the color orange. This time imagine an orange disk spinning an inch below your navel but above the first chakra. Gently remove any thoughts other than this orange disk spinning, breathing deep but gentle. Again, allow 30 seconds before moving on.

The third chakra, the Solar Plexus Chakra, is located in the area of (you guessed it!) your solar plexus, or the area just below your breast bone. The color yellow represents this chakra so imagine a yellow spinning disk near the bottom of your chest. While you are doing this briefly imagine all three spinning together as if on a string.

These first three chakras are associated with and represent our physical body and our attachment and alignment with Mother Earth. In contrast the top three chakras align you with your mental state and higher spiritual self. This is why the fourth chakra is considered the most important of the seven chakras by many people. The Heart Chakra transcends the lower three with the top three chakras and maintains the important balance between the two.

As you move into the Heart Chakra feel your body start to align and simply focus on your heart. Breathe deep and focus on a green disk spinning near your heart. With this chakra feel free to take a few extra moments and embrace the transition from your physical needs to your spiritual desires. Many people have a difficult time with this transition, but with practice it becomes easier.

Moving out of your Heart Chakra, embrace the change from your physical being into your spiritual self. The next chakra is located in your throat and is represented by the color blue. As you breathe deep visualize a blue disk spinning in your throat representing your Throat Chakra. Embrace the serenity as you prepare to move to the sixth chakra.

Take a soothing breath and move up to your Third Eye Chakra located in the middle of your forehead. As you breathe imagine an indigo colored disk spinning in the area just above your eyes. Simply focus on your spinning chakra and imagine it being opened and allowing the energy to flow through.

Now move to the top of your head, or your Crown Chakra, and visualize a bright violet disk spinning. As you breathe and visualize this spinning disk feel the chakra open and the energy flow through your body. At this point you should have the feeling of increased energy as well as a calming presence surrounding your body.

As you take these final breaths feel the energy flow up through your chakras and out your Crown Chakra. Embrace the feeling, not just in your body, but all around you.

This five minute meditation can be done just about anywhere or any time to help increase energy while calming your mind and nerves.

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