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Living Alone - A Fear That Is Curable

By: Sam Milner

Monophobia or the fear of being alone is a condition affects thousands of Americans every year. Many people are just going through the phobia without even knowing it. This is because the nature of mental illnesses -- mental illnesses cause behavioral changes. These changes however are subtle in most cases and people might just dismiss them by thinking that the patient is just acting weird or has changed. They do not realize that the person actually needs medical attention and that after going through it, he or she will improve.

Monophobia can affect people in profound ways. Since people cannot be left alone or have a fear of being alone, they tend to be disadvantaged and this increases their vulnerability. Since they are so desperate to find companionship, they will get into relationships that could be harmful. Moreover, even when they know that they are being harmed, they will not get out of such a relationship since they fear being alone.

However they must realize that any relationship that is based on fear will never be fruitful and in the end, someone will always be at a disadvantage. People who have a fear of being alone must realize that they have a mental condition that can be cured through a systematic approach. Otherwise their lives may become a mess.

Not only does monophobia keep people in unhealthy relationships, they can be a burden for friends and family or caregivers. Since sufferers of this condition cannot be left alone, they must always be tended to by somebody, whether he or she is a spouse or a caregiver. This puts a great deal of stress on someone's time and thus this can harm relationships. People who are going through this condition often ask their spouses to come home early from work so that they can be with them. Even though this solves the problem at the immediate level, the husband and wife both must realize that doing so can put the career of the spouse in jeopardy and a strain on their relationship.

Patients suffering from monophobia go through various symptoms that can make living alone difficult. For example they may have nausea, depression, anxiety, palpitation, irregular heartbeat, rapid breathing, and many other issues.

There are various ways to treat the condition. One of them is cognitive therapy in which a therapist tries to talk the patient out of the illness and another is systematic desensitization in which the patient is gradually exposed to the fear element so that he or she can overcome it.

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