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A Look Around The Iphone 4S

By: Sethe Gomez

The release of Apple's refreshed iPhone disappointed a lot of Apple's fan base. It's not because it is not that good, but people were expecting Apple to release the iPhone 5. This was the initial reaction of people last year, but it is a whole new ball game now. This is because the iPhone 4S is now making a huge buzz and is considered as one of the best and top-selling smartphones to date. Let's have a look around the Apple iPhone 4S and see why it is making such a huge buzz all over the world today.

One of the reasons why people had a change of heart about this handset is because of its powerful A5 chip. The phone may look just like the 4th generation iPhone but this phone is just way ahead when it comes to being quick and responsive. This makes a huge difference when it comes to browsing, launching apps, playing games, and just about doing anything and everything.

Another best-selling feature of this phone is its iOS 5. This is considered as the most exciting feature of this handset. It ships with more than 200 features than the other iPhone versions, plus it comes with improved notification system on emails. It is truly the most advanced and most powerful iOS to date.

The phone's display and resolution may be similar with the iPhone 4, but then again iPhone 4's users can't say that what they have is not good at all. The iPhone 4S comes with a 3.5" retina with 1.5:1 aspect ratio multi-touch display. It also bears an LED back lights IPS TFT LCD screen (960 x 640 pixel resolution is at 326 ppi or 0.61 MP. With all of these, you will get crisp and crystal clear images at all times. It comes with fingerprint resistant oleophobic coating on the phone's front and back side as well.

Let's talk about the phone's amazing camera. This handset ships with a whopping 8MP resolution camera with autofocus, LED flash, and the splendid face detection. It comes with a custom lens with f/2.4 aperture and advanced hybrid filter. This will bring you accurate and sharper images that you won't get from other smartphones. It also supports 1080p HD video recording (30 frames per second). You will also have an improved auto white balance; this will make your viewing experience more colorful and more accurate.

There are other great features that you will get on this phone, and what I mentioned above are just bits and pieces of something that is truly amazing. All of these and more are only from the refreshed iPhone, the iPhone 4S.

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