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Adhd And The Early Elementary School Years

By: Dr. Yannick Pauli

When your child moves on from kindergarten and enters elementary school, he or she will be expected to do things differently. Kids in elementary school have to sit at their desks for longer periods of time, listen to the teacher, accomplish tasks, follow more complex directions, and do homework every night. If your child has ADHD, however, he or she may experience the following problems in elementary school:

Aside from issues with classroom behavior and academic accomplishment, ADHD kids may have problems with social skills. They may have difficulty making friends because they cannot wait their turn, blurt out hurtful things, or are too shy to speak to new people. Kids with ADHD, especially those with hyperactive-impulsive type, are also more likely to experience playground injuries and to injure others. Your child's safety will be a constant source of concern.

Here are some ways you can help you child make the smooth transition into elementary school:

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