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Heavy Fleece Hotel Blanket Features

By: Eric Kampel

Heavy fleece blankets are often considered to be an essential in colder climates. These are especially useful for bed and breakfasts and inns. It's important for your blankets to be able to hold up to several washings. You want them to be of durable construction so that they will last a long time. Another consideration to keep in mind is having several color choices available. This will help ensure that what you choose always looks great in your hotel rooms. If your facility is located in an area with a cold climate, heavier blankets may also help keep your heating costs down.

The good thing about heavy fleece blankets is that they are available in sizes to fit all beds. Twin blankets measure 66 x 90, full blankets are 80 x 90, queen blankets measure 90 x 90 and king blankets are 108 x 90. When you buy these blankets in bulk, you will save money and keep your hotel guests warm. Because you never know when you might need extra blankets on-hand, it's always better to buy in bulk. A good hotel will always want to be properly prepared for any and all weather changes.

There are a few features that are good to look for when you buy heavy fleece blankets. They should be colorfast, so that the color won't fade from numerous washings. Another good feature to look for is double stitching, which minimizes the possibility of fraying. You will also want blankets that are anti-pill treated, which increases their durability. One last, important feature that you want is using blankets that meet the standards for chain hotels. The best ones will exceed these high standards, so that you know you're getting the best quality items for your guests.

What type of hotel you have will often impact the type of heavy fleece blankets that you choose. The highest quality blankets, in larger sizes, are generally preferred by 4 or 5 star hotels. When you operate a luxury facility, it's important to use items that will always create the best impression. These types of blankets are also good for smaller inns and other types of facilities that lack individual climate control units. Since many inns are located in places with cold winter temperatures, this is a good solution for smaller facilities who want to ensure that their guests are always comfortable. Always make the best choice for your linens when quality matters.

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