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4 Keys To Successful Event Promotion

By: Jonathan Reynold

In this age of information overload, it is becoming harder and harder to get people to attend your events. The same person is receiving invitations to say 20 different companies. Thus, it doesn't really matter whether you are organizing a fundraising campaign or a business dinner; your ultimate goal is to attract maximum people to your program and get them to actually show up for the same. Let's discuss the R.S.V.P. approach. It is one smartest tool available by which you can innovatively promote your events.

R - Repetition

You have to repeatedly hammer your message to the target audience. Most people are extremely busy nowadays; they ignore or simply delete emails from unknown senders. But if you send it a couple of more times, they may just become curious enough to open and check what it's all about. Thus, if you have the money and the staff, try to include a series of effective communication strategies to market your program. You can simply start with a mini teaser promo and then send out a "Save the Date" message. Your email headline should be eye-catching plus the text should be short and to-the-point for people usually don't have much time to sit back and read a lengthy emails.

S - Simplicity

You should incorporate the simplest way to approach and invite people to participate at the event. The probable ways can be sending an online invitation, placing a "Register Now" button on each email. Let potential attendees click on the link and be directed to the registration page. Now they can instantly complete the online registration process online, in literally a few minutes. You can also have an online payment solution in place to make it easier for the people to pay you via a range of online payment options. You should only include the most important "fields" or "sections" on the online event registration forms to make it easier for the attendees to fill it up and submit the same quickly.

V - Variety

Your event promotional strategy should include a variety of options and definitely the most popular ones used by most event organizers today. In addition using email communication tools to blast your mail campaigns to your potential participants, it is equally important to communicate with them via social media plus using offline routes such as: adverts on newspapers and magazines. You should post details of your upcoming event(s) on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and such other popular social networking sites. Additionally, don't forget to add the details on your business website and the blog to let the readers be aware of the event.

P - Packaging

If you want to draw the attention of your target audience to your program, you have to pay attention to detailed packaging. Try to adopt an interesting and appealing promotional tactic. Make it a point to explain why your event is different from others? Write about the major benefits of participating in your event. Include a point or two that will easily catch the interest of people. For example, "You will get to meet Mr. X, Y, and Z - the 3 top experts of the industry once you attend our seminar."

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