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Russian Girls

By: Vincent Jerry Vaiano

Why are Russian girls so beautiful? Historians estimate that over 25 million Russian people were killed during WWII, the majority of which were men. That was almost 20% of the Russian speaking population at the time and over 40% of the males in the population were killed or maimed. Almost every Russian family was affected either by death or debilitating injuries as a result of this war.

Let's look at the Russian men who survived WWII. Natural selection would dictate that the survivors were generally more athletic, stronger, and more adaptable to whatever situation might have occurred during the war. They could figure out how to survive. They survived famine, they survived watching their mates die right next to them, and they survived constant attacks and battle. Needless to say, when they returned to their own lives after the end of the war, life in Russia and the Soviet Union was never the same.

This lack of men of procreating age caused an imbalance in the number of girls compared to men in this part of the world. The result has seen girls in this part of the world almost in a hurry to find a good partner and caretaker for themselves and their offspring. Of course, better looking men, smarter men, more adaptable men, and even funnier men were more often than not chosen by girls in this part of the world as partner, husbands, and fathers by Russian girls. This situation has moved toward correcting itself over the past 65 years, but what we have as a result is a plethora of good looking or even gorgeous Russian girls.

The fall of the Iron Curtain led to the exposure of the plethora of beautiful women in the FSR countries. This opened western men's eyes to what is possible and what is available for them by choosing Russian girls. 15 years ago, it was rare, but thought of as cool to find an Eastern European bride, but now, it is almost a billion dollar industry.

In May of 2009, I moved to Odessa, Ukraine. Having unsuccessfully spent thousands of dollars myself prior to arriving in Ukraine, I feel like I can both relate to the western man trying to find a Russian or Ukrainian bride as well as relating to the people from Russia and Ukraine. I've worked in Ukraine for more than three and a half years, and I even tried to avoid English speaking people over that time in order to better understand the thought process and mentality of Russian speaking people.

I feel that understanding how the current situation was originally created, and understanding why girls from this part of the world have the attitude and heavier patterns that they do can go a long way in helping western men who would like to have a long term, healthy relationship with a Russian speaking girl. This knowledge can help a western man to deal with the vast differences in culture and thinking.

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