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2 Things You Need Done Before Getting The Smokers Life Insurance Cover

By: Martin Swan

Life insurance companies do not differentiate between a pack-a-day smokers and occasional smokers. To the companies, the risks to health are the same. The service providers normally use specific questions to help classify you as a smoker. Any person who uses cigarettes, cigars and chews tobacco is considered a smoker. Even using a nicotine gum or patch qualifies the user as a smoker. The common question normally asked on the application is, "Have you used tobacco products over the last 12 months?" If your answer to this question is "yes", you will be considered a smoker. Therefore, you will be expected to pay higher rates.

Life insurance companies consider the health and personal habits of a person. Therefore, a person who does not smoke and has good health normally attracts lower insurance rates. On the other hand, a person who uses tobacco products often attracts higher premiums because according to statistics, smokers have a higher chance of developing lung cancer among other diseases. Therefore, they stand a higher chance of dying before the policy expires. The company will place the applicant in the category of smokers as opposed to the standard one. If you want a better deal, you can consider the best smokers' life insurance policy. Some of the ways of getting affordable smokers policies include:

Compare quotes

When it gets to the point of finding quotes for smokers, you will discover some service providers are aggressive, which translates to different prices. The independent life insurance brokers have the ability of quoting more than 50 leading companies, making it possible for you to get the best deal. The risks will differ depending on the age, term length, coverage amount, etc. Different companies will rate each of the customers differently. You can rely on an independent insurance broker to get affordable rates for your policy.

Consider your needs

No single company can be praised as the best for smokers. When it gets to purchasing a policy, it gets down to the needs of a specific client. Different companies will normally offer different rates depending how aggressive they are. The companies are borne to change their rates; therefore, it is important to be informed about the cheapest rates prevailing in the market. This will give you the grand opportunity of renegotiating the rates downwards. Furthermore, an independent broker will be able to get you the most affordable policy, because they have the best interest of their customers, at heart.

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