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Common Warning Signs Of Dyspraxia In Teenagers

By: Ric Chai

Coping up with signs of Dyspraxia in Teenagers

An adolescent was already in a tough stage of his life, but when it comes to a teenager with Dyspraxia, it becomes even more difficult as all his actions are related to emotional, physical and educational needs. For them even more love, care, understanding and attention are required by the parents, teachers and friends. The condition may result in frustration, low self-esteem and impulsive behavior in the teenager due to inability to do many things like others. This constitutes dyspraxia symptoms in teenager.

How can Dyspraxia be detected in a Teenager?

They find difficulty in the major areas of functioning in life, such as emotions, intellect, language, movement, speech, social skills, perception and overall growth.

Dyspraxia symptoms in young Adults (Teenager)

Large movements also called Gross Motor skills

Small movement also called Fine Motor skills





If you even have an iota of doubt, whether your teenage sons or daughters might be suffering from this disorder, you will first have to consult your GP, who would, then refer you to a competent specialist who can make a positive assessment of the child and offer the right treatment. It is generally believed that dyspraxia cannot be completely cured. However, there are some therapies available to improve the motor skills of the children. A comprehensive Dyspraxia Symptoms and Treatment course will have to be followed as Treatment play an important role in shaping the future of the child

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