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A Perspective On Race

By: Marieme Faye

"You know they hate us, aren't you angry?" The hundred foot journey.

This statement made me think about the issue of race and here are my humble thoughts on this matter.

Warning: Before you proceed, read this with an open heart.

People with a darker skin have had many challenges over the last few centuries because of the color of their skin. It takes courage to be black in this world, it takes courage to be different. I am sure after we incarnated as humans, some of us wondered why in the world we chose our skin color.

I wondered what it would be like to be white, however I never wished I was white. I am comfortable in my skin and fully love and accept myself as I am.

Yes I am different.
Yes I am black.
Yes I unique.

The color of my skin doesn't define me.
It doesn't define my abilities.
It doesn't define my gifts.
It doesn't define my intelligence.
It doesn't define my greatness.
It doesn't define my divinity.
It doesn't diminish my light, my power, my humanity.

No, I am not angry when they try to put me down and I say " try" because they cannot put me down without my permission.

No, I am not angry because of the way they treat me.

No, I am not angry because some of them can't accept me as I am.

No, I am not angry because they don't have the ability to make me angry without my approval no matter how they treat me.

No, I am not angry because they see color when...

I choose to see God in them.
I choose to see their light.
I choose to see their divinity.
I choose to see their royalty.
I choose to see their glory.
I choose to see their beauty.
I choose to see their light in the midst of their darkness.
I see them...

And no matter what they do or say, especially when they dwell in their darkness... I choose to love them!

Because that's all I have got for them and for all my brothers and sisters no matter what the color of their skin is.

Remember, we are all different, but we all come from the same source. Let's love each other, let's be united, let's be ONE.


Queen Marime Faye

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