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The Lazy Man Method Of Penis Enlargement

By: Georg Von Neumann

Most people want the best deal they can get and a lot of people want something for nothing. It's no mystery with the economy and working two jobs just to feed the dog. Time is valuable, too, and we seem to be losing more of it every day in just trying to make our way through the economic maze that is impacting the world.

So it's no wonder that when penis enlargement comes to mind, men would like to find something that is fast and easy, and doesn't take much time.

The answer to that is the Lazy-Man Method of enlargement. It works really simply. Buy some penis patches, penis pills, and a plastic penis pump. Pop the pills, put on some patches, apply the pump, and go about your business.

Sounds great, doesn't it? Sure it does. This is what the advertising agents get paid to do. They come up with ways to make you think that you will get these great gains overnight. The problem is, and I've spoken with many men who tried these techniques, that they don't work.

Which is really too bad, as it depresses these men even more and creates a bad name for the entire industry. Most people, after they've tried something that doesn't work, typically don't try alternative methods. It's truly sad how many men have been burned by the enlargement bug who will never try to enlarge themselves again.

The truth is, that it takes work to enlarge the penis. I'm not talking about digging a trench in the blistering sun all day long, but it does take some minimal amount of effort and time. A good Natural Penis Enlargement program utilizes the hands to exercise the penis by stretching, pulling, and encouraging more blood into it. It's not strenuous work and it's not stressful work. In fact, it's actually quite peaceful and helps one learn more about their body. But the point is, it does take some effort.

You're also looking at about 30 minutes each day for a worthwhile enlargement program. That seems like a lot of time but is equal to a sit-com on television that won't do anything to improve your life or the size of your penis.

Of course, you can utilize the Lazy-Man Method of enlargement, as thousands of men have, but don't be too surprised by your results.

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Georg von Neumann

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